Gujarat in Finland

Toolkit for Newcomers


NOTE: Links on this page will take you to the official page of Finland Information. We are providing links so that you can get most up to date information published by relevant authorities. 

Are you considering moving to Finland? You can move to Finland to work, study, join a family member or start a business. These pages contain instructions on how to handle permit matters according to your nationality and life situation. 

How to Start

If you want to move to Finland, you need a residence permit. The permit can be granted on the basis of work, entrepreneurship, studies, family ties or international protection. This website provides information on how to apply for a residence permit. It also provides information on residence permit renewal and help with residence permit problems. 

What practical matters do you need to attend to once you have moved to Finland? How much does it cost to live in Finland? Who is entitled to Finnish social security? How to apply for Finnish citizenship? On these pages, you can find answers to many questions after moving to Finland.

Becoming Entrepreneur