Gujarati Samaj Finland ry (“Guajrati Samaj”) is a not for profit non-governmental organization registered in Finland. Gujarati Samaj is run in accordance with the laws applicable to rekisteröity yhdistys (Finnish for registered association) by the registered members. 
None of the past, present, or future Governing Board (“Board”) or Gujarati Samaj Committee (“Committee”) members represent views of their past, present, or future employers. 
Gujarati Samaj doesn’t ask for your electronic account credentials in any form. If you receive any suspicious email, you are required to operate carefully. 
Before making any financial transaction in the name of or in favor of Gujarat Samaj, contact any of the Board members as of the day. 
Gujarati Samaj is not responsible for the views expressed by its members in their individual capacity. 
Gujarati Samaj is not the official representative of the Government of India, or any State Government. For the official view on any matter, contact respective office bearers in the Indian Embassy.